Architect / Senior Developer

Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and after more than ten years involvement in numerous enterprise level project across different industry, four years as a Senior Developer and more than six years as a Web Architect, we believe our architect would bring several areas of competence to your business needs. With having extensive experience with a broad range of Microsoft Development tools, Languages and Management tools such a Visual Studio, TFS (Team Foundation Server), C#, ASP.Net, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, SQL Server and with System Development of Life Cycle, ERD (Entity Relationship Diagrams), Project Management and Project Tracking, Agile Development Model, and SCRUM / Kanban practices, our architect can collaborate and provide services to the development team, responsible for architect design and implementation of interactive applications to accommodate existing business practices, maintaining code standards and performances, and coordinates various consultants and work streams under demanding deadlines.

Senior Graphic Web Designer

With a degree in Graphic Design completed in 2006, our Senior Graphic Web Designer soon after experienced the movement from Web 2.0 to current trends and have been practicing a career in Graphic Web Design since 2009. Always trying to stay at the forefront of the ever evolving world of web design.

.NET & SQL Developers

We have a team of highly skilled, motivated, and well experienced .NET and SQL developers who can effectively handle any challenges.


Web Application Development

In today’s market, no company is the same and your business needs to have unique applications in order to provide the best services for your customers. Leverage our experienced developers and let us develop the perfect solution for your business.

Web Design

Web design has changed a lot over the past few years, cookie cutter websites no longer are a viable option for your business. SEO, Responsive Design and UX Design are items that are too important to NOT include on your website. We know perfectly this and we will make a website tailored for you using the best practice solutions for the ever changing internet needs.

Graphic Design

With over 14 years of experience our Graphic Designer will transform your ideas into a design that will fit your business.


Every website is different because every business is different, you need to have a website tailored to the needs of your users, with A/B testing we can come across for your perfect solution.


Search Engine Optimization plays an important keyrole on any website that no web project can't be done without preparing your site and content to start gaining authority from launch.

Responsive Design

Technology never stops, our everyday life now has made the use of mobile devices mandatory, so your websites needs to be ready to be displayed on any device.

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